At LiveSyphon, we like to be as transparent as possible.  The following screens describe exactly what you should expect for your SyphonShort shoot.
First, you'll fill out the initial reservation form on our website.

Submitting this form is nonbinding but it does get the ball rolling on solidifying your shoot.  This form reserves the date and time of your shoot (if it is available) for up to 72 hours.  Within a few minutes you'll receive a confirmation email and a copy of your recording agreement.
Submitting your recording agreement

You'll submit your recording agreement and $24 deposit to confirm your recording with LiveSyphon.  You'll provide us with all the details we'll need to move forward with your shoot and provide us with 3 audio tracks that you'd like us to sync your videos to.  Don't fret, that $24 deposit will be subtracted from your final invoice.
How can we get a $100 discount?

While our business is awesomely capturing live performance - our passion is building a community that supports live original music and the artists who are constantly working to create it.

If you're an up-and-coming artist, you're willing to let us share your work on our platform, and you can book far enough in advance - we're interested in cutting you a deal on the price of your shoot.

See if you qualify at the following link:
Confirm with the venue.

If you haven't done so, please confirm with the venue that you'll be bringing a videographer onsite to capture parts of your performance.  We recommend that you coordinate with the venue to attain a multi track recording of your show - which we'll mix and master at no extra charge.  If not, we'll pull a stereo board feed and set up some basic room mics.  We'll have our own cables and can accept XLR, TRS, or RCA feeds from the board.
Just before your show.

The videographer responsible for your shoot will be in touch within 48 hours of your show.  Please coordinate any last minute details with them.  We'll send you their name to add to your guestlist and your invoice as well.  Please pay this invoice online on or before the day of your shoot.

If your goal is to receive one complete video of a particular song, please be sure to clearly communicate this with your videographer.  We recommend that you provide them with a copy of your setlist.
At your show.

Be sure to remind the door about your guestlist.  Your videographer will be onsite 30 minutes before your set time.  They will text you when they arrive so feel free to touch base with them.
Reviewing your edits.

Within about a week of your show when your edit is completed, we will send you a link to a player that will let you (and anyone whom you share the link with) watch your video, comment on, or directly download your video.
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